Everybody has a different way in alternating their stress and boredom. Some days you feel like you’re not going to do any work at all and you’ll go to a spa to have a lovely massage, have a good meal,… View Detail

30.01.17 by L'Officiel Indonesia

Everybody has a different way in alternating their stress and boredom. Some days you feel like you’re not going to do any work at all and you’ll go to a spa to have a lovely massage, have a good meal, a drink of wine and totally chill out by yourself. You feel the need to get away from your routines.

Self indulgence is often referred to someone who is being greedy, or is just generally selfish, and it is often seen as a bad thing. Some would say a self-indulgent person think about themselves a lot; they over eat, they care only about themselves, they take too much of a good thing, such as loads of cream cakes – or it’s a bad thing. But sometimes self indulgence can be good.

In this article, we seize quintessence from the seven deadliest sins to wrap it all up as one. Greed, gluttony, lust, sloth, envy, wrath and pride; they each represents traits of common modern-day activities and habits that allow you to enjoy the bliss of being self-indulgent.  Lay your eyes here and find out while we talk about it.



Latin term ‘acedia’, which means ‘without care’. It finds expression in laziness, idleness and indolence. We would define them by the activity of going to the spa, vacation or maybe even as simple as partying – in the mid-week, especially. We take pleasure in having massage because our body is physically tired from sitting nine hours a day, we go on vacations cause we need to get our mind off of work, and we go partying because perhaps we could get the first two aforementioned things in an instant. Whatever the reason is, this activity takes us away from our main responsibilities.

Something that you probably didn’t know is Hitler, from his days as a struggling art student in Austria to the pinnacle of the Third Reich’s power, was an accomplished laggard. Ian Kershaw, one of his biographers describes how the indolent Fuehrer, having stayed up late the night before watching movies like Gone with the Wind or listening to music, would often not emerge from bed until after midday, just in time for a late lunch and a few meetings with advisors. And he was a leader after all… we’ve stopped wondering.


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Lust is abbreviated with sexual desires. Some people have this on top of their stress-reducer list. A physical need, that’s what it is for us. Apparently, as you might have known, there are clear reasons why sex is good for your health. First of all it reduces chronic pains; the release of endorphins, corticosteroids and other natural painkillers will cause you less pain from headaches and sore muscles during sex. It gives your heart a workout, lowers the risk of breast cancer, revs your immune system and lowers stress. So now you know it’s not only apples that keep the doctor away, likewise for sexual intercourse.


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Sometimes food is the answer to your stress; chocolate, cupcakes, red velvet, brownies, even coffee, and wine and the kinds of alcoholic drinks can make you feel better. Besides the fact that some of them taste so heavenly good , stuff like liquors usually helps you forget about self-control; which is such a way to run from all responsibilities for a while.

In pop culture gluttony is defined as an inordinate desire to consume more than one requires. One of Hollywood rock stars who is known to have this was Elvis Presley. He was a great singer and was such a legend that even today some people claim that he’s still alive. The guy was so fond of food that he got Peanut Butter Jelly Sandwich popularised under his name, the Elvis Sandwich. Here’s the thing, an average human being must consume about 1,500 to 1,800 calories per day to keep alive, even if they just lie in bed and do no exercise. With Elvis, you can forget about your average number of calories per day. Before he died, he was eating about 100,000 calories per day. That’s more than enough to keep an average elephant alive, or enough to keep you alive for nearly 60 days.

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