In Paris, L’Officiel is known to be the guardian of fashion tradition since 1921. With strong beliefs in our values, we tend to refrain from confirming to the norms of the high paced world of fashion. Creating the art of style in our own aesthetic approach, we are always open minded while encouraging modernity through upscale fashion and innate luxury. L’Officiel has launched the careers of great designers, including Pierre Balmain, Cristobal Balenciaga, Christian Dior and Yves Saint Laurent. As most fashion magazines report back what a designer’s imagination has created, L’Officiel sparks their imaginations. We don’t follow fashion; we set fashion’s agenda.

L’Officiel Indonesia is the bible to upscale fashion and high-end lifestyle. As the true essence of fashion lays on its attitude, we open a portal which provides the future trend insights and fashion personalities – decoding and redefining new trends, brief fashion stories, interviews, reviews, upscale shopping, suggestions and insiders’ knowledge. We acknowledge that fashion feeds off energies outside the industry for new ideas; looking into art, travel, gastronomy and music. L’Officiel Indonesia believes that fashion is part of creative cross-cultural dialogue. On this website, you will find the most exciting developments in luxury and high-end lifestyle that reveals the shape of tomorrow’s aesthetics in its purest form.