Shedding Her Skin: Ahikoza

A conversation with the woman behind Bali-based accessories brand, Ahikoza.

12.11.18 by Ardika Pradnya

What do you think are the strength in Ahikoza’s pieces?

Its signature geometric elements, paired with premium quality and bold colors.

How do you stay inspired?

Many things keep fueling my inspiration! From architecture, to my travel experiences and even quirky style trends that pique my interest. As a designer, I think it’s your responsibility to continue elevating your product and break boundaries, so to speak. To me, I think our consumer’s perception, and more importantly experience is our brands reality. It’s important to always offer something new and cutting edge.



How has moving to Bali influenced your creative drive?

The relaxed nature of the Island allows freedom and immensity to my creativity! It makes me realize that there are still so many aspects of the brand that are still there to be explored. Moving to Bali, has also given me the time and space to work closely with my artisans. I value the hands that go behind the art. This aspect has been extremely rewarding to me.

Have your Indian roots influenced your design aesthetics?

India is a rich country that a heartwarming array and experience of history, culture, and traditions through architecture, people and style. Due to the nature of my work, I get to frequent India quite often. In turn, the sensory and soulful experience it provides me with definitely fuels my creativity and design aesthetic.

ahikoza namrata



How do you ensure quality?

Quality is extremely important. I believe it is also what identifies and sets Ahikoza apart. I do my best to oversee all aspects of production, including quality control and make sure the skins and all raw materials used are of premium grade.

How do your Bespoke clients find you?

All mediums! Bespoke is one of the major aspects of my Business, and one I enjoy most. I love working closely with my clients, especially brides.Word of mouth, Social Media, and bag enthusiasts who seek a tailored experience for value additions to they’re wardrobe.

What have been the biggest challenges so far in starting your own brand?

There have been lots of challenges. I think this stands true in any industry, not just fashion. Entrepreneurship is not what it looks like. You never stop learning .You have to know your Business from a grassroots level. Do your homework. Most important lessons for me have been; firstly, listen to your customer. Engage with them. Really get to know what they’re needs are. Second, don’t get caught up in the hype and develop an ego.